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How do I find out if an item is in stock and the price?
Please contact us by using the contact page, call us at (717) 737-7120 or send an email to


Does Remington sell direct to the consumer?
Remington sells only to retailers, interior design firms, hospitality purchasing firms or hospitality ownership and management firms. If you are a consumer or business, we would love for you to enjoy a Remington Lamp in your home or office. You can contact us and we will suggest a partner where you can purchase our high quality merchandise.

What is your warranty?
Remington Lamp warrants against factory defects for a period of one year from date of shipment.

What if something is damaged in shipping?
If the shipment was made direct from your freight forwarder you would need to file a claim directly. If shipment is made via one of our preferred carriers we will file a claim.

What are your lamp care instructions?
Dust with a clean dry cloth. Do not use solvents, cleaning solutions or detergents.

What are your shade care instructions?
Remove protective cellophane wrap immediately. Dust with clean dry cloth or feather duster. Do not use solvents, cleaning solutions or detergents. Do not submerge in water.


Do I have a sales representative?
We are always available to help you with our in house customer service team, but in many cases there is an assigned representative in your area that you can call to answer questions or meet with you to assist with your lighting needs.

What are the terms of your orders?
New orders will require a credit card to process. Once a relationship has been established our typical terms are net 30.

When will my order ship?
Once we receive your purchase order an order acknowledgment will be sent to you with an estimated promise date. If all items are in stock the order is typically shipped within a day or two.

What is the freight policy?
Our merchandise ships from Camp Hill, PA. We can use your third party account number or our preferred provider. The cost of shipment is added to the order when invoiced.

Is there a minimum order?
We do not have a minimum order quantity for our retailers; however, we do offer incentives for larger orders.

How do I obtain the tracking information?
You may contact our customer service department to request tracking information.

How do I cancel my order or backorder?
Customers must provide their cancelation request in writing. If the order has already shipped, you are responsible for payment. You may call or email our customer service department with this request.

What is your return policy?
To assure proper resolution, claims for missing or damaged merchandise must be made within 30 days of shipment. Upon approval of the claim, Remington will send a "Return Goods Authorization" form with instructions to return the damaged item. Upon receipt of the damaged item we will replace it or credit your account. Please bear in mind that many of our items are handcrafted, which gives them an appealing quality of originality. As a result, natural variations will occur from item to item and unfortunately we cannot be responsible for returns for this reason. Replacement for damage or missing merchandise will be shipped as quickly as possible depending upon availability. You will receive an acknowledgement with the estimated shipping date.


How do I obtain a quote for a project?
The best way is to complete the "Information Request Form" on our contact page, call us at (717) 737-7120, or email us at

Is there a minimum order?
We have produced custom one of a kind chandeliers to thousand piece projects. Please contact us to obtain a quote.

What are the terms of your orders?
Remington Lamp's policy is a 50% deposit before production with the balance due before shipping, including the cost of shipping, if applicable.

Do you manufacture sample orders?
Our goal is to provide lighting. Your way. Therefore, we are happy to manufacture a sample for your model room. We will work closely with you during this process to insure we understand your needs. Contact us to obtain a quote.

Is there a benefit to ordering larger quantities?
Yes, each quote is prepared specifically per your specific request. The size of the order is taken into consideration when preparing the quote.

Can you produce all my lighting needs?
Yes, we produce guestroom, corridor and public space lighting, portable and hard wired. We also produce ADA compliant and bolt down options.

When will my order ship?
After a purchase order is received, a pro forma invoice will be sent requesting a 50% deposit. Once the deposit is received and all drawings and finish samples have been approved, it generally takes 90 to 120 days to receive your merchandise.

If I am unable to take delivery at the time the order has been produced can I store at your facility?
Due to the constant flow of production we have very little storage space available to hold your merchandise once it is available for shipping. We will work closely with you to time the order to meet your specific needs.

What is the freight policy?
Our merchandise ships FOB - Camp Hill, PA. We can either use your preferred provider or we will obtain a freight quote and add to your final balance due pro forma invoice.

Do you ever ship FOB another location?
Yes, if it makes sense to ship your order directly through a different port we will try to accommodate.

How do I obtain the tracking information?
An email will be sent to your contact person with the tracking information once the merchandise has shipped.

What happens if I change the quantity of my order after the purchase order has been issued?
If we have enough raw materials on hand to produce the additional quantities we will accommodate. Sometimes additional quantities might be shipped at a later date. If raw materials have been ordered but production has not started we can decrease an order with a 25% restocking fee.